Equipment Service

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  • Pumps

    Pumping water through to your spa and pool is crucial to a healthy and efficient system.

  • Heating

    No one likes a cold spa or pool. Efficient heating systems save money and time

  • Salt Chlorination

    Salt Chlorination is a very popular way of chlorinating a swimming pool. 

  • Filters

    The filter is like the lungs of a swimming pool. Without it you will jot be able to filter out all the impurities and therfore the water clarity will be poor.

    Filters come in 3 forms:

    1/ Media Filters

    2/ Cartridge Filters

    3/ Diatomateous Earth Filters

  • Cleaning

    There are many different types of cleaners on the market. They basically fit into 4 categories.

    1, Suction type like the Zodiac Baracuda shown in this illustration.

    2/ Pressure cleaners like the Polaris Cleaners

    3/ Robotic cleaners like the Dolphin cleaner.

    4/ Infloor cleaners like the Caretaker.


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