Pool Filters

Different Types Of Media For Pool Filters

Filtration is an essential feature of any swimming pool as it delivers cleaner and more hygienic environment. There are many different types of media made available for pool filters including sand, glass, and zeolite each offering its very own benefits and limitations. The following consumer guide advises on he options available for filtration media so that all swimmer can continue to enjoy pristine and sanitized pools.

The most common type of filtration media includes that of sand as it proves effective and the cheapest solution for the home. Such materials are readily available and can be purchased from a local hardware store in bulk packs and at lower rates. It is not regular beach sand and includes a coarse graded consistency in order to filter particles and sanitize the water.

Sand that is placed in the filtration system can last for a long period of time provided that it is regularly cleaned and consists of a higher grade. The media can be kept sanitized with soapy water and a backwash. This will aid in the removal of different forms of fats, but the surface layers should be removed to ensure that the build up of salts and chemicals from previous treatments are eliminated.

While many have been considering the option to include fine filter sand it is limited in terms if its suitability. In order to achieve powerful filtration results it needs to be used in combination with pumps to ensure that the necessary amount of force is applied for the removal of contaminants. Professionals advise that one handle very fine sand without wearing the necessary safety gear as it could cause respiratory problems when inhaled.

The alternative to graded and fine sand includes Australian zeolite that can be found on the market in many different brands. It is important to purchase high quality products to ensure that it delivers the sanitation and filtration that are required to produce cleaner water. Once it is placed into the conventional sand filters it is able to clean the pool in an instant.

The major benefit of using zeolite is the fact that it delivers greater levels of cleanliness for all swimming pools. One will not have to rely on the application of chemicals to keep the water cleansed and free from harmful substances. The backwashing time is less allowing the water to better regulate temperature and provide greater levels of sanitation for the feature.

Including crushed glass serves as an effective filter media. The glass is considered superior to sand because the smooth material can filter finer particles and deliver greater levels of purification. Cartridge filters are also available and should be selected according to the size of the pool or it may not deliver adequate levels of filtration.

There are many different types of media for pool filters and should be selected based on he quality, value, and longevity it can provide. If you are going to purchase glass ensure that it is safe for use and recycled to reduce your environmental impact. Regular maintenance and keeping such features clean can provide long lasting solutions.