Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools Care And Maintenance

Above ground pools can be relaxing and fun. However, there are many things that a person should be aware of before making such a large investment. Caring for such a large luxury item takes time, money and commitment. It is advisable to do adequate research before making a purchase.

Installing a pool above the ground can be significantly cheaper than an in ground pool. Not having to dig up the yard to install the pool can be advantageous, especially if the individual wants to one day eliminate the swimming area in the backyard. Before installing, be sure that the area is level and flat. Additionally, there must be a way to easily access the water supply and electricity. Individuals should also consider the costs of filters, pumps, skimmers, and other devices that will keep the area clean and well maintained.

Without proper care of the lining of the pool disease and bacteria can manifest, causing illness to the users. It is important to maintain the condition of the swimming area throughout the year, not just in warm weather months. Investing in a cover that fits securely and tightly will ensure that natural elements such as rain, snow or leaves do not enter into the pool.

Also important is to make sure that the pH level is at an appropriate level. This measures the acidity of the pool and ensures that the chemicals are well balanced. The pH balance should be checked twice a week. The appropriate levels of pH will ensure that the chlorine is at its most effective.

Dirt and debris can collect on the side of the pool and must be brushed away to avoid bacteria from forming. Before vacuuming the pool, one should make sure that all outside materials that have fallen into the water are brushed toward the center where the drain is. Make sure to do this the night before vacuuming, and run the filters for two hours before shutting it off. Submerge the whole head and hose of the vacuum into the water before hooking it up to the filter.

Shock treatments are necessary to ensure that the chlorine compounds are destroyed. Shocking the water will destroy germs and leave the area clean and aesthetically pleasing. It is best to shock the swimming area in the evening so that the maintenance does not happen during the day when one wants to be enjoying the water.

Filters remove the dirt and oil from a pool. Just like the water, the filters can also get dirty. Therefore, it is important to regularly clean them to ensure that they operate properly. Additionally, check the circulation system to ensure that all parts of the pool systems are working together to keep the area clean and running efficiently.

Knowing how to maintain above ground pools will make sure that the swimming area is enjoyable and free of bacteria that can cause infectious diseases. It is important to research thoroughly about the care and maintenance before making an investment. While the rewards can be luxurious, there is a cost to keep the area in good working order.